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Vantaan sanataidekoulu -Literary Art School of Vantaa

Vantaan sanataidekoulu is a private art school which offers professional literary art education for children, youth and adults. ​The school is maintained by Vantaa sanataidekoulu ry. It is a Finnish non-profit organization and operates in southern Finland.

Vantaan sanataidekoulu was founded in 1994 and it has been offering Basic education in the arts since 1995. Basic education in the arts is goal-oriented, tied to a national curriculum and taught by trained professionals in the field. Sanataidekoulu operates in Vantaa and since 2018 also in Espoo.

Most of the funding comes from the government, the cities of Vantaa and Espoo and student fees.The teaching follows the curriculum approved by the cities, which has been drawn up based on the criteria given by the Board of Education.

Vantaan sanataidekoulu also operates 7 afternoon clubs in primary schools (Martinlaakso, Tammisto, Veromäki, Pakkala, Pähkinärinne and Toteemi) which have literary art education as a part of the offered activities.

An important part of the school operation are Literary art workshops for day-care, preschools, primary schools and middle schools in Vantaa and Espoo.

Every spring Vantaan sanataidekoulu publishes an anthology written by the students.

Books are the foundation of teaching​. Literary art is an exciting and creative hobby. Children will experience the world of literature through reading and inventing stories, illustrating, acting and playing out our own imaginative creations. Every child’s self-expression is encouraged on an individual basis.